The Final Sprint

Things have been going really well with Playlist Genie this week. I'm now able to log in, scan my library and create playlists from presets!

One problem this week is that I finally ran into the classic makers dilemma - when do I ship? I keep adding features and wanting to do more with this but I'm already past my deadline. So I've decided on a final list of things necessary for an MVP and then I'll do a soft launch.

The scope of this project was much greater than I ever thought so it's going to seem like it's missing a lot of features, but that's okay. I will soft launch and move on to another startup while I gather feedback. If I'm still curious about what else I can do with Playlist Genie I will work on v1.0 (AKA the proper launch) for a future startup.

I'm re-learning so much building this. It has been so many years since I did any web dev that it's been a massive struggle. There's so much that can go wrong when building web apps as opposed to native apps.

So - what's left to do? Well I still need to build a form to let users create custom smart playlists. I don't see this taking too long as most of the work has already been done when creating the preset playlists. After that I need to sort out token refresh. Every now and then my OAuth token expires and I've no idea how I'm supposed to refresh (using devise w/ omniauthable if you want to help me out on Twitter).

Besides that I need to fix the UX up a little. One glaring issue right now is that when you press 'scan library' there's no progress feedback. In my personal library of almost 10k tracks this can take 5 mins. I think I'm an outlier but performance should obviously be improved here. More importantly I need a progress bar. Not as easy as it would seem apparently. I think it's going to involve AJAX which I've already used a bit with partials in this project so hopefully I'll solve it quite quickly.

Once those things are done and I've tested with a few friends I'll launch (quietly, no Product Hunt just yet). Rather than over promise I'm aiming for this last sprint to launch to take no more than 14 days. At that point it will go live.

I'll post again then. Until then, watch me freak out over on Twitter.


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