Startup #1: Playlist Genie

I've been working on startup #1 for a couple of weeks now. It's based around the Spotify API and it's called Playlist Genie.

Playlist Genie is an attempt at replicating iTunes Smart Playlists (remember those?) on Spotify. If you don't know  smart playlists they are a way to let you set some criteria (year, genre, rating, playlist size) and then auto create a playlist from the tracks in your library. They also auto update.

I spent most of the first week switching between stacks. It's been years since I did any web dev and to be honest it's not in my comfort zone. I looked at building with JS/Angular/Express. I looked at building with vanilla HTML/CSS/JS/PHP. In the end I settled on Ruby on Rails. This is what I used to use and why should I waste time learning a new stack when I could be making stuff? far have I got? Things have been going ok so far. I have the OAuth flow working, I'm able to pull tracks from my library, and create and edit playlists. Not bad. The site doesn't look like shit either which is a nice bonus.

There's still lots to do though. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to keep track of a users library. Spotify's API uses pagination when accessing the library so I need to store the library myself to query it properly. The API also withholds some really basic data (no genre ffs). I might be able to workaround that at some point but for now I'll just work with what I've got. Hopefully by this time next week it will be pretty functional and I can move on to worrying about how I'm going to make these things auto update.

I'll post again next week but in the meantime you can watch me try to hold it together over on Twitter.

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