12 Startups in 12 Months

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to start making things again. I used to build little side projects all the time but I've been busy so that it's been a few years. I follow lots of indie makers on Twitter and my envy has convinced me to get back into it.

I've watched a few people do the '12 startups' thing and from the outside it looks fun. I've spent lots of time this month brainstorming project ideas, most of which suck. Yesterday, I finally hit on an idea I think will be fun to build and will give me a chance to re-learn the web dev skills I haven't used in years.

Last night I installed Rails and got to work. It's funny how quickly it all comes back to you. Within a few hours I had a new Rails project setup, connecting to Spotify via OAuth and I was successfully making API calls.

I won't waste time going into the details of the project yet (it still needs fleshed out) but it's a web app built around the Spotify API. It will be fun and hopefully some people will find it useful.

My goal is to ship my first 'startup' at the end of January. I'll be posting about it here and on Twitter if you want to follow along.

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